E-mail Security Solutions

Email Security Solutions

E-mail Security Solutions

Digital SecurityHigh Performance, Easy-to-Use E-Mail Security

Protect your organization against threats that come in e-mail, inbound or outbound.

You can’t only depend on anti-virus and anti-malware programs that sit on individual machines. These might not be updated frequently enough, often don’t stop sophisticated attacks, and obviously can’t do anything to control the outflow of information that should be kept confidential for legal or competitive reasons.

You need a powerful, integrated, yet easy-to-use solution that effectively defeats e-mail threats wherever they come from.

T-Care E-Mail Security service from TTJ NetCom

  • Self-Updating
  • Powerful protection against spam, virus and phishing attacks
  • Automatically prevents leaks of information you must keep confidential according to regulations such as HIPPAA, GLBA, and SOX
  • Applies organizational policies to outgoing e-mail. TTJ’s E-mail Security applies the policies you establish to all outgoing e-mail, ensuring the highest level of compliance possible. For example, use it to protect intellectual property or to prevent the sending of offensive e-mails.
  • Quick and easy deployment – TTJ simply reconfigures your e-mail to flow through E-mail Security before passing the mail on to your existing e-mail system.

T-Care E-Mail Security gives you powerful protection without complexity.

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E-Mail Security’s Features and Benefits

(Here comes a bunch of technical features that IT management types love to read about. If you’re not into all that, what you need to know is that TTJ’s E-Mail Security service stops e-mail security threats “cold” and is still easy to set up and use.)

  • Inbound and Outbound E-mail Threat Management Capabilities monitor content passing through the SMTP gateway both directions. Inbound e-mail threats like spam, viruses and phishing attacks can be stopped before they invade the network, while outbound e-mail content can be carefully managed, preventing confidential information leaks.
  • Optional E-mail Policy Management enables enforcement of organizational policies such as stopping the dissemination of inappropriate content, protecting confidential information, adding disclaimers, or blocking the running of executable files.
  • Regulatory Compliance Framework helps organizations become compliant by automating the requirements set forth by laws such a HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. E-mail Security intelligently identifies e-mail that violates compliance policies, monitors and reports the problem using policy-based routing to send e-mail to archiving and encryption technologies.
  • Award-Winning Anti-Spam Engine, coupled with end-to-end attack monitoring, ensures the most effective and current protection from spam attacks.
  • Corporate Phishing Protection ensures that organizations are protected from identity theft. E-mail Security delivers the only solution that uniquely identifies phishing e-mails and handles these messages independently from spam e-mails (now that’s cool).
  • Time-Zero Virus Technology protects clients from the time a virus outbreak occurs until the time a signature update is available. E-mail Security provides additional layers of protection by partnering with McAfee and Kaspersky Labs for signature updates.
  • DHA, DoS, and Zombie Attack Protection uses powerful connection management capabilities to deter, throttle, or block invalid connections before they reach your system. When combined with E-mail Security’s anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus capabilities, you have a complete solution for stopping all types of e-mail threats.
  • End-User Spam Management allows easy delegation of spam management to end-users, reducing false positives and lessening the load on IT.
  • Optional LDAP Integration ensures that E-mail Security automatically synchronizes with directories for automatic management of e-mail addresses and accounts. Additionally, policies, users and groups can be managed based on existing LDAP information.
  • Robust Reporting provides easily customizable, system-wide and granular reporting, including information on attack types, solution effectiveness and system performance.
  • Rapid Installation and Ease-of-Management drastically reduces the time to implement and manage a comprehensive e-mail security solution.

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Summing Up:

T-Care E-mail Security provides the highest level of protection from both inbound and optional outbound e-mail threats by leveraging a unique end-to-end e-mail attack monitoring system. You get:

  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-virus
  • DHA and DoS Protection
  • Internal Zombie Detection
  • Time-Zero Virus Protection
  • Policy Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Framework
  • Blended Threats

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